John Deere Dealer Days Set #3
John Deere Dealer Days Set
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John Deere Dealer Days Set #3

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John Deere Dealer Days Set #3

John Deere is a pioneer in the manufacture of machinery required for farms and construction and has ruled markets since 1837. Ever wondered how the company survived more than a century of market competition and stood out as the best? Check out the set of four DVDs from Tractorup collection that illustrates the entire journey of this manufacturing giant. The assortment of four DVDs talks about the features of oddities in farming, the latest advance in the new generation of power, the modern factories that came into existence, and so on. Play through and enjoy!

This assortment contains 4 DVD releases featuring the following: 

DVD #9
The host Walter Cronkite. Features include Oddities in Farming
What's New for 1960
One-Man Hay Day
Why only Two Cylinders

DVD #10
The Latest Advance in the New Generation of Power.
Modern Factories on Wheels
Report on the 5010 Tractor
What's New.

DVD #11
Sheppard and Sons Series
Mr. Sheppard Looks Inside
The Sheppards Take a Vacation

DVD #12
Four Sons

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